We are currently looking for Kenyan interns and international fellows for the following exciting projects for 2019. Get in touch with a CV and cover letter if you’re interested!

  • Expansion research fellow - Excited about international scale of impactful models? We’re planning on spreading our wings, but need to think, plan, research and gather all the information necessary to make the best decisions. You can lead this process, working from our Nairobi office on research, literature review, survey design and scoping meetings/calls with international organizations.

  • Sales agent training fellow - Passionate about training and youth and women’s empowerment? Help us to understand what makes our trainees tick, to unearth the reasons for attrition, for individual success, and how best to foment this. You can also get stuck in to designing and rolling out new work-readiness training content, with an energetic team of LivelyHoods trainers.

  • Data management fellow - Does data get you going? If systems and knowledge management are your thing, you can apply your skills to optimising optimised data collection tools and processes for LivelyHoods’ operations. We have a wealth of data and sophisticated systems, and we want to continuously improve on these and ensure we’re collecting all the valuable data we’re generating, as well as analysing and using it for good.

Being an intern with LivelyHoods in Kenya is an unforgettable, invigorating experience.

You will make a hands-on difference in the lives of Kenyan youth, as you help them learn to make a livelihood for themselves at the same time that you will have experience in business, education, technology and/or international development.

We look for INTERNS WITH

Passion for the LivelyHoods mission

Language proficiency in English, and/or Kiswahili

Overseas experience – work or travel
(preferably in developing countries)

High degree of flexibility, self-motivation and independence

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

Excels in a fast pace, start-up environmen

interns CAN provide support in areas as

Marketing, Merchandising and Consumer Insight

Systems & Logistics

Operations & Business Development

Education & Training

Monitoring & Evaluation

Branding & Design


All internships are unpaid. Interns must pay for airfare, food, lodging in Nairobi, Kenya.

LivelyHoods staff will assist interns with coordinating trip logistics. In special cases, LivelyHoods will award a LivelyHoods scholarship to assist fellows in covering travel costs. Standout interns will be considered for full-time employment. All ages and backgrounds are welcome to apply.

If you want to apply, please send a CV and a cover letter to tania@livelyhoods.org, explaining your interest in an internship, and in which area.



We are not currently hiring for any specific position but we’d love to get to know you!

We will keep your application on file in case a position does become available.

If you want to apply, please send a CV and a cover letter to tania@livelyhoods.org.

Check out our Fellowship Program by cliking here.